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Good Karma Restaurant in Park City, UT – Lunch Traditional Curry Dishes Menu


Lunch Traditional Curry Dishes

All Curries Prepared with your choice of Basmati Rice, Saffron Rice or Steamed Vegetables and served with House-made Naan
Indo-Persian Garlic Naan available



Organic Vegetarian Curry of the Day ♥ GlutenFreeIcon

Prepared with Ethnic Spices and Organic Ingredients


Saag with Garbanzos and Butternut Squash ♥ GlutenFreeIcon

Spinach Leaves Braised with Chickpea, Butternut Squash and Cumin finished in Coconut Cream


Vegetarian Daal Makhani ♥ GlutenFreeIcon

Stewed Lentils with Spinach, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic and Garam Masala Seasoning


Navratan Vegetable Korma ♥ GlutenFreeIcon

Stir-fry variety of Seasonal Vegetables blended in House Curry, Coconut Milk and Almonds


Curry Combo GlutenFreeIcon

Sampling of any two Vegetarian or Meat Curries with House-made Naan


Chicken Curry GlutenFreeIcon

Tender Chicken Breast simmered in Coconut Cream, Chilies, Ginger and Curry Seasoning

Lamb Curry GlutenFreeIcon

Dry rubbed Morgan Valley Lamb stewed with a hint of Cinnamon, Garlic and Habanero


Madras Beef and Mushroom Curry GlutenFreeIcon

Cubed Grass Fed Beef Sirloin simmered in Madras Curry, Mushroom, Green Peas and Spices


Nawabi Share Platter (for two) GlutenFreeIcon

A combination of any 3 of the above Curries served family style with Naan


Good Karma Curry Sampler GlutenFreeIcon

Tasting of any of the 3 above Meat or Vegetarian Curries with House Chutney’s and Naan


Shrimp Vindaloo GlutenFreeIcon

Jumbo Shrimp Seared in a “fiery hot and tangy” Curry Sauce, Specialty of Gao
Add to Nawabi Share Platter


Chicken Tikka Masala GlutenFreeIcon

Char broiled Chicken Breast marinated overnight in Red Chili, Fenugreek and Yogurt with Aromatic Spices served over Red Curry Sauce
Add to Nawabi Share Platter

Gluten Free Crackers are Available for substitution

♥ = Vegetarian GlutenFreeIcon = Gluten Free