The Food is Pure, the Atmosphere is Fusion

Good Karma Restaurant in Park City, UT – Dinner House Specialties Menu


Dinner House Specialties From the Grill

All Kebabs are prepared with your choice of Basmati Rice, Saffron Rice, Minted Pearl Couscous, or Steamed Vegetables


Punjabi Vegetable Kebab ♥ GlutenFreeIcon

Cumin-Scented Grilled Vegetables Skewers infused with Herbs and Tamarind Vinaigrette


Joojeh Kebab GlutenFreeIcon

Marinated Tender Chicken Breast in Saffron, Sun Dried Lemons and Shallots


Tandoori Lamb Kebab GlutenFreeIcon

Grilled Tender Lean Morgan Valley Lamb Marinated in Yogurt and Tandoori Spices


Raj Tiger Shrimp Kebab GlutenFreeIcon

Marinated Jumbo Tiger Shrimp in Kafir Lime, Herbs and Garam Masala Seasoning


Char Fasl Share Platter GlutenFreeIcon

Assorted Marinated Kebabs to include Tandoori Lamb Kebab with Tamarind Glaze, Joojeh Kebab with Mango Vinaigrette and Punjabi Vegetarian Kebab in Infused Herbs

Salmon Parsi

Herb Marinated Center cut Fillet of Salmon, Pearl Couscous and Steamed Vegetables


Beef Tenderloin Sultani GlutenFreeIcon

Grilled Marinated Center Cut Certified Two Petit Fillet of Beef, Seasonal Vegetables, Roasted Yukon Gold Potato and Tamarind Glaze


Morgh-e Leemoo GlutenFreeIcon

Lean Skinless Tender Organic Chicken Breast marinated in Cilantro, Shallots and Citrus-Coriander Vinaigrette over Saffron Rice and Steamed Seasonal Vegetables


Indo-Persian Mixed Grill GlutenFreeIcon

Seared Herb Dusted Certified Angus Fillet of Beef Tenderloin, Char Broiled Tiger Shrimp, Grilled Breast of organic Chicken with Persian Spices, Roasted Potato and Vegetable Medley

♥ = Vegetarian GlutenFreeIcon = Gluten Free