The Food is Pure, the Atmosphere is Fusion

Good Karma Restaurant in Park City, UT – International Cold Display Catering Menu


Catering – International Cold Display

Serves 25 to 30 guests



Grilled Vegetable Platter

  • An arrangement of Marinated Grilled Vegetables to include Peppers, Eggplant, Asparagus, Squash and Mushrooms garnished with Basil Pesto and Asiago Cheese


Hummus & Olives

  • An appetizing spread made from Chic Pea, Roasted Garlic, Tahini and Lemon Juice served with Grilled Pita Bread and Marinated Olives


Vegetarian Dolmas

  • Tender Grape Leaves filled with Savory Mixture of Basmati Rice and Herbs simmered gently in Vegetable Tomato Broth


Fresh Vegetable Crudité Deluxe

  • A display of assorted crisp Vegetables such as Broccoli Florets, Asparagus, Belgian Enpe, Pear Tomato, Baby Carrots, Celery Sticks and Peppers with Herb-Bleu Cheese dressing


Tropical Fruit Display

  • Seasonal Selection of Sliced Fresh Fruit with Berries and Vanilla Yoghurt


Miso Salmon Platter

  • Miso Glazed Broiled Salmon artistically arrange over Low Fat Buckwheat Noodles served with Wasabi Dipping sauce and Scallions


Tomato and Cucumber

  • An arrangement of Vine Ripe Red and Yellow Tomatoes, Cucumber, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Basil


Imported and Domestic Cheese & Fruit Platter

  • Smoked Gouda, Dill Havarti, Gruyere, Aged Cheddar, Brie and Roquefort Cheese served with Fresh Fruits and Nuts accompanied by assorted Gourmet Crackers


Cocktail Shrimp

  • Butter Poached Chilled Shrimp with Wasabi Cocktail sauce and Lemons


Sushi and Sashimi Station

  • Selection of California roll, Tuna roll, Vegetarian roll, Salmon roll, Nigiri, Unagi, Ebi served with Pickled Ginger, Wasabi and Soy Sauce